The risk

Trading on your own is Challenging

  • Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile.
  • “Buy and Hold" investing strategies lead to major portfolio crashes over time.
  • Trading is a skill that takes years to master.
  • Human emotions get in the way of consistent performance.
  • Most Automated Strategies Options are hard to operate and understand without a tech background.
Our benefits

Automated Crypto Trading for Everyone

  • Always stay on top of the markets thanks to seamless, 24/7 trading.
  • Trading results are verified by Marketplaces to ensure trust and your peace of mind.
  • Fast answer to any of your questions thanks to our dedicated daily support and community.
  • Never worry about the safety of your funds as they remain in your own account at all times.
  • Navigate volatile crypto markets with confidence thanks to our State-Of-The-Art Risk Management.
  • We provide you step-by-step instructions to get started in 10 minutes for the smoothest experience.
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Track records

Our Track Records have been recorded in TradingView, the world's leading Trading Software


BTC perf. 5Y

Our models have been thoroughly backtested on Tradingview's Strategy Tested for the past 5 years.


5Y max drawdown

Our Flagship Strategy has never lost more than 25% of its overall capital on the past 5 years. This Backtest Performance is provided by TradingView.


Backtested trades

How Shaman Trends works

  • Long term Trading Strategies: 15 to 20 trades per year.
  • Momentum-based Strategies using proprietary Volatility Scoring System.
  • Optimal Capital Protection: 3% and 4% systematic Stop-Loss.
  • Trend Detector: we catch all major moves and avoid all major crashes.
  • We buy strong assets and sell weak assets, riding Crypto's biggest trends.

Market-Beating Algorithms

Better returns and lower drawdowns than buy-and-hold strategies. Optimize your time and investments, so you can focus on what matters.

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Historical performance Past performance does not indicate future results.
Expert-Built Market Leading Algorithms

Our Trading Strategies

Monthly payment only, keep 100% of the profits

bi Trendosaurus-Rex Bitcoin
$89.00 1 month
  • icon Strategy pair: BTC/USD
  • icon Verified Track Record: 12+ months
  • icon Ranking:

    roket We are the #1 Bitcoin Strategy in Total Profit over the last 6 months on the Stacked Marketplace

  • icon Trades per year: 7 to 15
  • icon Live Performance: +38,1%
  • icon Max drawdown: -20%
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nft Trendosaurus-Rex Ethereum NOW LIVE
$99.00 1 month
  • Strategy pair: ETH/USD
  • Live since: March 2022
  • Backtest performance:

    Backtest realized on live trading data over the past 3 years. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

  • Trades per year: 13 to 18
  • Live performance: +8,8%
  • Backtest drawdown:

    Maximum loss over the past 3 years on live trading data backtest. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

1 Month Free Trial

No credit card needed

10Y experiences team

Meet the Team

Guillaume Hucheloup Strategist

Trading since 2017, currently Head Market Strategist at Collider Ventures, leading an All-Weather Crypto Fund.

Yaël Fazy Designer

Full Stack Designer since 2011, invested in the crypto space with contributing and launching projects in the DeFi space.

Neil Gursahani Marketer

Data-driven Growth Hacker with experience scaling companies in the recruiting, e-commerce, and e-learning industries.

our community testify

You are in Good Hands

“I lost a big chunk of my savings trying to trade on my own for the past 3 years. Finding Shaman Trends was exactly what I needed, now I'm focusing on my other projects while my investments are automated, and thankfully growing! Thank you! “

community Pierre Antoine Emin

“I've always been intrigued by Crypto, but I had no idea how to invest and frankly didn't have the time to learn. It was super easy to setup my accounts and Shaman Trends Strategies. The team is always on Discord answering any questions I might have. I'm excited to see my portfolio grow in the long term! “

community Nicolas Brissaud

“I have 3 businesses and wanted an easy way to get invested in Bitcoin without spending too much time on it. I believe they made a great product and on the past 7 months, I've already seen my investments beat the market. I couldn't ask for more. “

community Solenne Oblin

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum amount of money required to use your Strategies ?

The short answer is no. You are free to use any amount to trade our signals, however, we’d like to put things in perspective for you. A yearly subscription costs around 750$ for now. You must be able to have a sufficient capital to offset this yearly cost and also provide you some potential profits. We would recommend that you have a starting capital of at least $4,500 dedicated to a strategy, and nothing less than that. Please, invest only money that you don’t need for the next few years, and that you are able to lose. Cryptocurrencies are a very new asset class. Please invest responsibly.

Is my money locked up for a certain amount of time ? Can I add / withdraw some money from my account at any moment ?

Your money is never locked up, and you are free to stop using our algorithms at any time. All you buy is a subscription that gives you access to the signals. If you wish to stop, or have any emergency and need to take your funds out, there is absolutely no lock-up period. We are signal providers, not custodians. The funds are yours at all times. However, we recommend that you wait for trades to be over before adding / withdrawing funds. If you are in need of an emergency withdrawal, make sure you manually close all positions here first:

How does it work ?

Our strategies are based on a principle called Trend Following, where Price and Time are our king indicators. In simple terms, we never predict the market, but always react to it in the present. Imagine our strategies are like earthquake detectors. In the market, earthquakes are trends. Our strategies are designed to detect early potential trends and stay with them until the momentum is gone. We base our approach on the long term, with winning trades lasting on average 8 weeks. Our systems are designed to catch the trends early on, and that also implies a lot of missed shots, when the market starts moving but then comes back to its original point in a few days. Our strategies have respectively 30% and 35% success rate, however the trades that are successful are huge moves, while the losing trades are exited very fast for a small loss.

Why is the success rate of the strategy below 50% and how can it still be profitable?

Both our strategies have a been back-tested on live data for over 5 years, with a success rate of respectively 30% for BTC and 35% for ETH. However, the average winning trade is 45% profit for BTC and 57% for ETH, while our strategies have stop losses of 3% for BTC and 4% for ETH.
In simple terms, for every losing trade where you would lose 1$ on average, every winning trade would make 18,5$ and 14,7$ respectively. Therefore, a low success rate can still make money on the long term. Our strategies are designed to stay for a very long time in the winning trades, while cutting losing trades very fast, to ensure long term capital growth. That’s why it is very important to stay committed to the strategy for a long period of time to ensure the best result potential

How often does the algorithm trades ? How long are the trades ?

We are focused on the long term, and so are our signals. The models take on average 10 to 15 trades a year. Losing trades will last on average 1 week, while winning trades will last on average 2 months. We’re after the huge moves that take weeks to happen. No need to check your account every day. Every month will be more than enough, and you can also simply set it and forget it.

At what point do you start being profitable ? What kind of profit can I expect ?

Our systems are designed to make a profit whenever there is a lot of volatility in the market. While we can give you neither a date for profitability nor a profit percentage, you should know that our strategies work best when the market is volatile, and perform poorly during ranges, when the market is overall flat. This is a feature, not a bug. There will be periods with 6 months winning streaks, and periods with 6 months losing streaks. Over the long term, we are deeply confident that volatility will never cease to happen in crypto, and therefore our models will continue to perform. We benchmark our performance on yearly returns, not on day, weeks or even months. So far, we’ve had losing days, weeks or months, but we’ve never had a loosing year. Our 12 months returns have always stayed in the green and we intend to keep working hard so that our systems keep performing.

Do you ever update the strategies ?

We try to do so at least as possible. We only list a strategy when we believe it is ready for long term performance. Shall a fundamental event disturb the long term pace of the market and the performance of our models, we will either delist the strategy or update subscribers on a major update.

Who is in the team ? What trading experience do you have ?

Our Strategy Designer is Guillaume Hucheloup. Guillaume is Head Market Strategist at Collider Ventures, where he develops and manages an All-Weather fund made of similar strategies. He’s got 6 years of trading experience and has been designing fully automated strategies since 2018. Yaël Fazy is our Lead Product Designer with 10 years experience that ensure customers the smoothest possible experience. Neil is in charge of our Growth and Marketing opportunities.

How do you manage risk ? Can I loose all my money ?

As said before, all our strategies have systematic stop-losses at respectively 3% and 4% for BTC and ETH. In simple terms, one trade will never make you lose more than 3% or 4% of your capital without leverage. We strongly recommend never using leverage in the beginning, and if you do, never more than 2X. To lose all your money (over 99%), it would require more than 150 losing trades in a row on our BTC strategy and 120 trades on our ETH Strategy. Our biggest losing streak on the BTC model over the past 5 years is 6 trades, while it is 4 trades on ETH. Also, The BTC strategy has lost at most 30% in the past 5 years, while ETH has lost at most 24% over the past 5 years. Past performance can’t guarantee future results. However, our confidence that our models will perform well on the Long term is extremely high. Please be aware that with every investment comes substantial risk, and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Don’t lose sleep, mental health or wealth over it. Use our products responsibly.

If you have any more questions, please reach us on twitter @shamantrends or via mail: We’re more than happy to help you get started. We will regularly add the best questions to this FAQ. Thank you !