Step-by-step tutorial

Register on FTX Exchange

We provide you step by step instructions for a smooth onboarding to our strategies. Do not hesitate to reach out on Discord or Twitter if you have any extra questions.

Useful links:

Sign up on FTX

You can find an easy and complete step-by-step video process on how to sign up on FTX here:


Create a subbaccount

Go to your FTX Profile, on the top right of the screen. Then go to « Subaccounts », and then « Create a Subbacount ». Give it a name that’s easy, you will need it later. (e.g. Compendium or Shamantrends)


Select your Subbacount.


Go back to your Profile, and click on « API »


Then click on « Create API Key for ... »


Your API Key is now ready, keep the page open. You will need it in a moment to connect to the strategy


Transfer Funds to your Subbacount

Go to your « Wallet », then « Portfolio »


Go to your « Transfer » and tansfer the funds allocated to our trading strategies to your Subbacount.

⚠ ️The strategies trade contracts based in USD on FTX. Please transfer only USD in your FTX Subaccount. Do not transfer BTC or ETH, as the strategy will not trade with it.
⚠️ It’s important that once you have done that, you don’t trade on this Subbacount. You can use your Main account for that. This Subbacount will be dedicated to Automated Trading.
✅ You’re all set on FTX for now. We can now register on the Compendium Finance Marketplace and start automating your investments in less than 5 minutes! Please note to keep open your API page, we will set it in the next tutorial.

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